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Check out the printed character sheets!

I've started working on some of the issues from the GitHub issues tracker, and chief among them is print. I hope to eventually support PDF export, but for now I've got basic printing support enabled and working!

For best results, make sure backgrounds and colors are enabled when printing. This will enable an extra level of color coding just like what's normal on the site, making it easier to recognize each power. You'll also probably want to disable headers and footers, to cut down on unneeded info.

I recommend printing in a non-Webkit browser, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. Webkit doesn't properly render columns when printing pages, so the site defaults to full width for all of your character powers. However, Firefox and IE will lay out the page using two columns, not unlike the actual 13th Age books.

New Features! Magic Items and Attacks!

I recently received some feedback via email:

First of all -- thanks for your time and efforts putting this tool together!  Anything and everything useful for 13th Age is *greatly* appreciated by myself and many of my players whom I've introduced your content to! :)
My request for improvement, would be to next add "Magic Items" as selectable objects that can be viewed and added to characters, allowing the recall of their text from the book -- similar to how you've implemented powers.
I hope this is helpful!  Again, much gratitude your way for building a resource like this for the community. :)  If you have questions or need clarification regarding my feedback -- please contact me anytime!

First of all, I want to thank the user who sent me that email for suggesting the idea; I had never even thought of extending the powers system to work for magic items. As a result, I've now created a new content type called magic items where you can add your own to the site. All of those magic items will also become visible on the magic items page, which will hopefully be filled with creative magic items over time. Who knows, maybe this will even become the go to resource for custom magic items!

Also, I want to say how that I couldn't be more satisified that people are using this resource and taking advantage of it. This is the first hobby project I've worked on that I've opened up to the general public, and it gives me the warm and fuzzies to steadily see new users trickle in and to receive emails like that. Hopefully, I can eventually get a comment system on here so that you can give feedback more directly, right here on the site.

Attack Rolls!

The other new feature is a minor but useful one. I've added six new text fields to the character creation form:  melee and ranged versions of attack, hit, and miss. You'll now be able to make  a quick note of what kind of damage your character dishes out when they're not flinging spells. The display of the information isn't the prettiest out there (bold labels and normal text), but it's functional for now. Some sort of a more stylish presentation is forth-coming.

Upcoming Features


So, what do I plan on working on next? Well, the most immediate goal is to get print stylesheets clean and functional. You can technically print the pages out now, but it will be a garbled mess. What I need to do is make a print stylesheet that gets rid of the backgrounds, drops everything down to one columns, and gets rid of all the stuff you don't want on a printed sheet (like the logout button or the main menu). That should hopefully be done sooner than later.


This is a big one and it's one I've been wanting to do for a long time. As a GM, I have always had trouble keeping up with monsters mid-game using a book. I essentially want to recreate the characters/powers system but instead copy it into something like a monster playlist/monsters system. You could then create your own monsters and essentially build playlists of monsters that you could pull up on your phone. This one has a few more logistical issues than characters and powers, so it will be a while before it's ready. But I'm looking forward to it. A lot.

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