All Magic Items

Armor, Robe, Tunic, Shirt
Wyrms hide
Tunic of butterflies
Strangling Robes of the Black
Chuulish Cuirass
Armor of Warding
Armor Of Unfettered Grace
Armor of Splendor
Armor of Heedlessness
Armor of Heedlessness
Symbol, Holy Relic, Sacred Sickle (implement)
Wreath of the Ancient Woods
Orb of the Seeress
Orb of Chaos
Flag of Honesty
+1 Holy Relic of Destruction: Halatir's Fingerbone
Belt, Swordbelt, Kilt, Girdle
Wand of Arcane Ventriloquism
Sash of Subtle Arguments
Potion Belt
Gathering Storm
Brutal Vigor
Blademaster's Belt
Belt of Giant Health
Belt of Dwarven Might
Helmet, Circlet, Crown, Cap
Wizard’s Hat of Conjuration
Wizard's Hat of Conjuratioon
Helm of Comprehend Languages
Headband of the Ancient Dwarvish Words of Power
Circlet of Stolen Thoughts
Circlet of Approachability
Wand (implement)
Wand of the Unfettered Minion
Wand of Reckless Abandon
Wand of Pious Thaumaturgy
Wand of Inner Fire
Prismatic Rod
Dwarven Rod
Weapon (melee)
Throwing and Catching Dagger
The Sharpened Tongues
The Impaler war spear
Sword of Relentless Glory
Sword of Protection
Swift Justice
Song of the Dancing Dragon
Rainbow Knife
Puissance Warhammer
Neural Blade
Mace of Dark Smiting
Lucky Bracers
Greater Striking
Giant-Slayer Weapon
Dagger of Dexterous Parry
Cloak, Mantle, Cape
Two Worlds Cloak
Scout's Cloak
Cloak of Shelter
Cloak of Recovery
Cloak of Raven Feathers
Cloak of Anonymity
Animal-Shape Cloak
Thief's Eye
The Ring of Honeyed Words
Spellbreaking Ring
Ring of Runes
Ring of Poor Choices
Ring of Glory
Ring of Defence
Weapon (ranged)
Javelin of Lightning
Staff (implement)
Staff of the Python
Glove, Gauntlet, Mitt
Spiked Gauntlets of Ambidexterity
Gloves of the Healing Touch
Gloves of the Dextrous Duelist
Gloves of Mind Rot
girdle of the grave
Gauntlets of the Titan
Gauntlets of Maiming
Shield of War
Shield of Resilience
Sentinel Shield
Hero's Shield
Forge-Hot Shield
Dark Sentinel
Arua OluchiOctober 3
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Wonderous Item
Potion of Healing
Overworld Scale
I never thought I wo
Flurry (Monk Talent)
Dwarven Mug
Demon Slayer Bow
Belt of Illusions
Armor of Iron Will
Necklace, Pendant
Periapt of Faith
Leadfeather Pendant
Elf-Stone Pendant
Dragon-Stone Amulet
Bearclaw Necklace
Boots, Sandals, Slippers, Shoes
Clawed Boots
Boots of the Hero's Footsteps
Boots of Sure Feet
Boots of Ferocious Charge
Boots of Ferocious Charge
Boots of Elvenkind