Leveling Up

Characters advance a level after three or four full heal-ups, i.e. between twelve and sixteen serious battles. The whole party levels up together.

Benefits of Leveling Up

When you level up, you get these benefits:

  • +1 to attacks, defenses, and skill checks.
  • An additional die of damage with weapon attacks.
  • More hit points (by class).
  • An additional feat. Choose any feat whose prerequisites your character satisfies. Feats are classed as adventurer (can be chosen at any level), champion (can be chosen at level 5+), and epic (can be chosen at level 8+).
  • The ability to wield an additional magic item. (See Magic Item Personalities & Quirks.)
  • At 4th level, 7th level, and 10th level, you add +1 to three different ability scores.
  • At 5th level and 8th level, gain an additional icon relationship point, and possibly more talents depending on your class.
  • Possibly more powers and spells, and possibly an increase in their strength. (See Classes.)

Incremental Advance

After each session that goes well, the GM awards the players an incremental advance.

When you gain an incremental advance, choose one of the traits of your next level to receive immediately (if available) instead of waiting until you level up. You’re not stuck with your choice, however, once you do level up.

You can take each incremental advance only once (except power/spell, see below). The advancement choices are:

Ability Score Bonuses

As a 4th-, 7th-, or 10th-level incremental advance, you can choose +1 in three of your ability scores.


Choose a feat. For the purposes of this feat, your level is one higher than normal. When you level up, you can switch this feat out for another feat of your choice.

Hit Points

Your maximum hit points increase as if you were one level higher. If you’re presently damaged while mid-adventure, your current hit points increase by the same amount.

Magic Item

You can wield an additional magic item as if you were 1 level higher.

Power or Spell

Choose a single power or spell that you could take at your next level. If you have a choice of multiple powers or spells, then you can take this increment multiple times to match. If you must replace a lower-level spell with a higher-level spell, you cannot replace a spell that has been expended.


Add +1 to all skill checks.


If your class gains a new talent at the next level, you can take that talent as an incremental advance at 4th or 7th level.

Icon Relationship Points

As a 4th or 7th level incremental advance, with the GM’s permission, you can choose a new icon relationship point that you would get at 5th or 8th level.

No Attack or Defense Bonuses

You only get these bonuses when you level up.