You rely on perception, intuition, and common sense as a commander instead of charismatic presence. Any time an element of the commander class refers to Charisma, you can replace that element with a reference to Wisdom. In addition, one battle per day, you can reroll your initiative if you don’t like the first result. You must take the re-rolled result.

Adventurer Feat: 

You gain 1 additional point in a background related to military history, strategy, command, or warfare. You can use this background point to raise that background beyond the normal maximum of 5.

Champion Feat: 

Once per day after a battle, you can gain a bonus to all recharge rolls you make for your expended tactics equal to your Wisdom modifier.

Epic Feat: 

Once per day as a free action, you can choose a tactic you don’t normally possess and use it as if you did (you don’t get any feats associated with it).