Smooth talk


Once per day, convince your GM with an amazing line of patter while you are using social skills to speak or interact with NPCs associated with a particular icon. If the GM is convinced by your patter, roll a normal save (11+). If you succeed, for the rest of the day you can function as if you have a 2-point positive relationship with the icon who seems to be in play. Thanks to your amazing gift of gab, for a short time, it's more or less true. (Note that these points replace any points you normally have with the icon rather than adding to them.)

Adventurer Feat: 

Add your Charisma modifier to your Smooth Talk save rolls.

Champion Feat: 

Success with your Smooth Talk talent gives you a 3-point positive relationship instead.

Epic Feat: 

Even if you fail your Smooth Talk save, you get a 2-point conflicted relationship with the icon because the people you're speaking with can't be sure.