Shadow Walk

Move action
Charisma + Level vs. MD
Remove yourself from play. At the start of your next turn, return anywhere nearby that you could have moved to normally during your turn, and deal double damage with your first rogue attack that turn.
No effect. You can't attempt to shadow walk again until your next turn, but you still have your standard action this turn.

As a move action before you have used your standard action this turn, if you are not engaged, you can make the following 'attack' against all nearby enemies, targeting the enemy among them with the highest Mental Defense.

Adventurer Feat: 

On a miss, you can still use your move action normally (but still can't shadow walk this turn).

Champion Feat: 

Twice per day, you can reroll the rogue attack that follows your successful use of shadow walk.

Epic Feat: 

Twice per day, you can reappear from your shadow walk in a nearby location you wouldn't have been able to reach unimpeded physically, for instance, on the other side of a portcullis or door, or high up a wall.