Jack of Spells


Choose another spell-casting character class. You can choose one spell from the spell list (but not the talent list) of that class, of your own level or lower, as an extra spell you know how to cast. You can even take its feats up to your tier, if it has any. You may only choose from the spell list—not from talents.

This spell is a bonus spell, not included in your bard class count.

Adventurer Feat: 

You can use your Charisma as the ability score that provides spell's attack bonus and damage bonus (if any). Other ability score references remain unchanged.

If the spell is a wizard spell, you also gain three cantrips of your choice from the wizard. You can cast them like a wizard who lacks the Cantrip Mastery talent.

If you choose a spell from the sorcerer class, you also gain the sorcerer's dancing lights class feature.

Champion Feat: 

Choose a second spell-casting class. Choose another spell from that class as well.

Epic Feat: 

Choose a third spell-casting class. Gain a spell from that class also.