Domain: Knowledge/Lore


You gain 4 additional background points that must be used somehow in relation to knowledge or lore.

Invocation of Knowledge/Lore: You must use this invocation during your first round of a battle. When you do, you get a quick glimpse of the battle’s future. Roll a d6; as a free action at any point after the escalation die equals the number you rolled, you can allow one of your allies to reroll a single attack roll with a +2 bonus thanks to your vision of this future.

Adventurer Feat: 

Once per day, you can change one of your skill checks involving knowledge to a natural 20 instead. Interpret the word “knowledge” as loosely as your GM allows. GMs, be generous.

Champion Feat: 

You now roll a d4 for the invocation, not a d6.

Epic Feat: 

You gain a different positive relationship point each day with a random icon, purely because the icon has realized you know something they need to know. It changes every day and it might contradict your usual icon relationships.