Disguise Self (1st Level Utility)

Close-quarters spell

This spell provides you with an effective magical disguise that lasts about ten minutes, making the skill check to avoid unmasking one step easier: easy if it would have been a normal task, normal if it would have been a hard task, and hard if it would have been a ridiculously hard task. The spell only affects your general appearance, not your size. It can be used to hide your features behind the generic features of another person or race. Using it to impersonate a specific creature makes it less effective as a disguise (-2 to -5 penalty).

3rd Level Spell: 
The spell lasts for 1 hour.
5th Level Spell: 
The spell also provides smell; +2 bonus to any checks.
7th Level Spell: 
The spell also handles correct-sounding vocal patterns and rough mannerisms; +4 bonus to any checks.
9th Level Spell: 
You can now target an ally with the spell; you can also now use it on up to two creatures at once.