Ranged spell
One nearby enemy with 100 hp or fewer
Intelligence + Level vs. MD
The target is confused (save ends).
If you miss all targets, you regain this spell during your next quick rest.
5th Level Spell: 
Target with 160 hp or fewer, and the target can be far away.
7th Level Spell: 
Target with 250 hp or fewer, or two targets each with 125 hp or fewer.
9th Level Spell: 
Target with 500 hp or fewer, or two targets each with 250 hp or fewer.
Adventurer Feat: 

On a miss against all targets with this spell, you can choose to daze those targets (save ends). If you do, you do not regain the spell.

Champion Feat: 

Each failed save against the spell deals 6d10 psychic damage to the target.

Epic Feat: 

The save against confused is now a difficult save (16+).