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Welcome to ToolKit 13! This is a web app built to help you keep track of your 13th Age characters. It's currently in a very early alpha state, but it already includes all of the powers, talents, class features, and spells from the core rulebook's SRD.

Get Started

Are you ready to try out ToolKit 13? Well, it's a completely free resource meant to help out at your gaming table. Get started on taking advantage of what it has to offer by signing up for a new account, so that you can create your characters. Once you've signed up, you'll receive an email that will let you log into your account, at which point you'll need to create a new password to use for your account.

Create Characters

Once you're logged in, you'll have a new option in the main menu called New Character. You can use that link to create a new character, and every field except for the character's name is optional. Every option on the official 13th Age character sheet is accounted for, and you can even make a full digital copy of your character sheet by filling out every field.

Give Your Character Some Powers

The most important field in the character editing screen is the Powers field, directly below the character name. This field is an autocomplete text field that lets you add powers that are in the system by typing them in, and then clicking the suggestions that show up. Any powers you adding using this text field will show up on your character as detailed cards with the full power description. Every class feature, talent, power, maneuver, and spell is considered a power for the purposes of this site. After you've entered a power into the text field, you'll want to click Add Another Item to confirm that power and add another field to enter a power into. Once a power has been entered, you can drag-n-drop them into whatever order makes sense for you by using the drag handles on the left side of the powers field.

You can add as many or as few powers as you like. You could add just the difficult to remember powers (like some of lengthy Wizard spells), or you could add everything including the basic attacks, class features, and selected powers.

Use it at your Table!

You can edit your characters in any browser, but it's really intended to be edited with a keyboard and mouse on a desktop.

But viewing them is a different story entirely.

The site is designed to be mobile-responsive, so that means that the multiple column layout on desktop switches to a two or three column layout on tablets and one column on mobile. That means you can make your characters while you're at your desk and then pull them up on your phone during play, in case you need to refer to your power's rules. Now, this is an alpha version of the site, so some things like backgrounds and margins may be a little bit funky on mobile. But this will constantly improve over time. I'll also eventually include some sort of minimize functionality so that you can collapse powers you're not actively looking at, which will make it easier to scroll through them.

Share Your Characters

As of right now, every piece of content on this site, including pages, powers, and characters, is publicly accessible. That may change at a later date, and I plan to include some sort of private option to hide your characters. For now though, that means you can share your characters anywhere (whether that's in a social network or a game group) but going to your character and copying the URL from your address bar.

That's it. Got Feedback?

I'm eager to hear it. Shoot me an email at matt@mattsmith.in, and I'll see if I can implement it.