Utility Spell


When you choose spells during a full heal-up, instead of taking a standard spell, you can choose to give up a spell slot to memorize the utility spell at the same level. When you take the utility spell, you gain access to a range of useful non-combat spells of the level you memorized it or below. You cast each utility spell at the level of the spell slot you gave up for it. You can give up multiple spell slots to take utility spell multiple times.

Choose from among the following utility spells:

Spell Level Spell
1st level disguise self
1st level feather fall
1st level hold portal
3rd level levitate
3rd level message
3rd level speak with item
5th level water breathing
7th level scrying
Adventurer Feat: 

Each utility spell you take lets you cast two spells from the available options instead of one.

Champion Feat: 

As above, but you can cast three utility spells instead of one.