Meteor Swarm

Ranged spell

You summon a meteor swarm. If you're underground, you get the ur-dark stalactite equivalent! Nothing more happens this round, but roll 1d3 + 1 to determine how many meteors you have summoned.

At the start of your next turn, even if you are unconscious or dead or have left the area, the meteors arrive one per turn at the start of each of your turns and slam into the combat area.

You can make an attack with each meteor against 1d4 enemies in a group. Alternatively, use the spell to level an area with high impact property damage.
Intelligence + Level vs. PD
4d4 x 10 damage of the energy type of your choice (cold, fire, lightning). Any allies engaged with the enemies you are targeting take one-fourth damage from each meteor that impacts the area.
Half damage.
Epic Feat: 

Each meteor now deals 5d4 x 10 damage.