Fey Heritage


One battle per day, when you roll initiative, you can choose to invoke your Fey Heritage and gain the racial power of one the elven races in addition to your own racial power. Roll on the table below. If you roll your own race's power, you gain the half-elf's surprising racial power instead.

Roll (d6) Racial Power
1-2 Cruel (drow)
3-4 Highblood teleport (high elf)
5-6 Elven grace (wood elf)
Adventurer Feat: 

You can now invoke your Fey Heritage talent in two battles each day.

Champion Feat: 

You gain a +2 attack bonus against elves and monsters in the elven sphere of influence (including the Drider, Storm Giant, and Medusa).

Epic Feat: 

Once per battle when the escalation die reaches 6+, as a free action, you can gain an elf racial power that you have not already used in this battle.