Battle Chant

Ranged spell

When you use battle chant, you can choose any battle cry effect you know as if you were making a basic melee attack, with the battle chant attack roll taking the place of the basic melee attack roll.

One nearby enemy
Charisma + Level vs. MD
1d4 + Charisma thunder damage
3rd Level Spell: 
2d4 damage
5th Level Spell: 
4d4 damage
7th Level Spell: 
6d4 damage
9th Level Spell: 
10d4 damage
Adventurer Feat: 

Your battle chant damage dice are now d6s instead of d4s.

Champion Feat: 

Once per day, you can expend one of your recoveries to reroll a battle chant attack roll.

Epic Feat: 

One battle per day, your battle chant damage dice become d10s.