New Design Mockups!

Mockup of the new Toolkit 13 interface.

Believe it or not, Toolkit 13 isn't dead! I've started working on mockups for a new design, and hopefully, I'll get a chance to work on implementing it sometime this year. The UI preview link has a few clickable regions in it to show how powers and dice rolls would work (in the basic attacks section of the mockup). If you'd like to provide feedback on the design, feel free to leave a comment in the preview!

It's been a long time since I've pushed out any new features to site, aside from a few bug fixes here and there and applying updates to the Drupal 7 backend powering it all. In the years since launching Toolkit, however, I've learned a great deal more about just about every aspect of back-end and front-end development. I've also been absolutely swamped with work, but I've been slowly making plans on how I would re-architect the site and build it in Drupal 8 with a much more intuitive user interface.

The core goals for the redesign, once it's begun:

  • Include the missing classes from 13 True Ways
  • Re-architect the site using Drupal 8 and a much leaner and more intuitive design
  • Replace the cumbersome built-in forms currently used for characters and magic items with much more intuitive custom forms
  • Make it easier to make small edits to specific sections of characters
  • Implement a dice roller in the character sheet that can quickly roll anything used regularly (ability checks, attack rolls, damage rolls, recoveries)
  • Implement a PDF filler that can take the character data and apply it to a PDF character sheet
  • Implement a REST API so that all of the SRD data is accessible to other applications

That's all for now! If you have specific feedback for the mockup, leave a comment directly on the mockup as a guest. If you have more general feedback or see something missing from the redesign goals above, shoot me an email at!